Automatic food packaging lines

Automated packaging lines that drive efficiency

Henkovac automatic food packaging lines provide reliable, automated performance at all stages of the food packaging cycle. Our automatic packaging line supports end-to-end product packaging. From the initial vacuum packaging stage to seamless transportation to an immersion tank, there’s no need for manual intervention, making it a highly efficient choice for high-volume producers.

Custom-built automated packaging lines

Henkovac automatic food packaging lines are usually custom-built to meet each producer’s requirements – please contact us for more information.

✓ Stainless steel construction

✓ IP65 splash waterproof controls

✓ Pneumatic vacuum chamber 

✓ Automatic conveyor belt

✓ Immersion tank with automatic water level and temperature control

✓ Can be programmed to feed from left or right

✓ Option to fit gas flushing (MAP) kit

✓ Option to include external pump connection

✓ Option to add additional 300m3 external pump  


Henkovac A5000 Line & Dryer

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