Cryovac® Shrink 

 Synonymous with vacuum packaging globally, Cryovac products are the gold standard when it comes to food packaging.

If you’re looking to extend your shelf life and provide professional, cut-through product presentation, Cryovac shrink
will give you the edge.

Collinson’s stocks Australia’s largest range of standard, heavy-duty and specialty Cryovac shrink – from extra shrink to
bone-in and cook-in shrink bags.

We can also work with you to create a custom shrink solution. We offer total flexibility – from bag size to seals (curved, straight, side or profile), custom printing, and supply of your shrink bags in cartons, taped or perforated on a roll.

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A600® High Shrink Bags

NEWTEQ® Barrier Shrink Bags

Heavy Duty Shrink Bags

Pre-printed Christmas Ham Bags

CN Cook-In Shrink Bags

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