Australia’s most advanced dry-aging cabinets

AGED. premium dry-aging cabinets are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Our dry agers use patented technology to allow precise management of temperature, humidity, oxygen and airflow. Intuitive touchscreen controls allow you to create the ideal microclimate to age meat, cheese, fish, smallgoods and more. Choose from a range of pre-programmed options or create your own settings to produce a truly bespoke result.

Patented ventilation, oxygenation and sanitation technology allows you to minimise wastage and maximise yield – less than 5% weight loss is achievable.

Best of all, there’s no need for charcoal filters, salt blocks or UV lamps.

Next-generation dry aging cabinets


Our dry aging cabinets are equipped with patents that make them the most advanced dry agers on the Australian market.

Maximise yield: Achieve less than 5% weight loss.

Self-cleaning: Patented oxygen sanitisation means no charcoal filters, salt blocks or UVC lamps.

 Versatile: Dry or cure meat, fish, cheese, smallgoods and more

Intuitive: Touchscreen controls allow easy management of temperature, humidity, oxygenation and ventilation.

Customisable: Select from pre-programmed options or design your own dry-aging program

Advanced data capture: Minute-by-minute readings provide complete operational oversight and HACCP traceability compliance.

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