Immersion Tank 50-75

full stainless steel, insulated tank



Machine dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 1550mm

Immersion platform: 730 x 535mm

Stroke dipping table: 300mm

Max product height: 250mm

Water content: 140 ltr

Max weight: 30kg


Full Options

✓ Dipping platform with rollers

✓ Cover

✓ Exhaust hood, silicon curtain 3 sides

✓ Infeed platform with rollers

✓ Exit platform with rollers

✓ Foot pedal controller

✓ Dip time controller (flash pasteurisation)

Tank Options

Immersion Tank

Standard stainless steel dipping platform

Immersion Tank

Optional dipping platform with rollers

Immersion Tank

Optional exhaust hood, silicon curtain 3 sides

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